The Female Gaze - Photography video essay
A video essay featuring interviews with young female photographers, discussing the female gaze in their photography

This 2016 video essay discusses the female gaze with specific reference to photography. It interviews a selection of young female photographers including:

Krizia Victoria, managing editor, Castor and Pollux
Erika Altosaar, photographer and illustrator
Mary Young, founder and designer, Mary Young
Maggie West, photographer

A quote by Erika Altosaar from the film:

Looking specifically at the film landscape, it’s really male dominated. You have rules for women, written by men, directed by men. In that way you have a broken narrative. It doesn’t reflect the ideals or inherent values that a lot of women have. It’s not how they compose themselves or how they establish real thoughts or relationships. It’s entertainment that has taken shape by men for men. And that definitely is why you need more female influence in creative fields to reestablish that narrative.

Erika Altosaar, photographer, “The Female Gaze”

Director: Leeor Wild
Producers: Olga Kisza & Travis Richel
Cinematographer (Toronto): Catherine Lutes
Cinematographer (LA): Ari Bre Bre & Tamara Santos

Here’s Leeor Wild’s site