Welcome to The Female Gaze. This site explores the concept of a female gaze in film, TV, advertising, written content and other media.

It’s all about assuming the audience is female and being prepared to offer women visual entertainment that they would want to see.

This site is still new and growing slowly.

The Female Gaze In Films, TV and Media

Turning Red

Turning Red tells the story of a 13 year old girl dealing with puberty and family problems… and she also turns into a red panda. It’s an animated female gaze film.

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Carol is a love story between two women, set in the 1950s. It has a focus on looking, on meaning glances and touches, as part of the lesbian gaze.

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Insecure is an HBO series exploring the lives of two single black women, Issa and Molly, best friends since college. It represents a great example of the black female gaze.

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British comedy Fleabag is an example of the female gaze in action, with an imperfect female character breaking the fourth wall

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Lena Dunham’s series Girls was hailed as an exciting and groundbreaking show with four female leads and a fresh approach on on-screen sex.

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